Stubb's Jalapeño & Honey Bar-B-Q Sauce 18 oz

Stubb’s Jalapeño & Honey Legendary Bar-B-Q Sauce is a celebration of authentic Texas barbecue flavor and a nod to our namesake C.B. Stubblefield. Made just right with bold heat from jalapeños and natural sweetness from organic honey, it’s a tangy, thick sauce that’s made for brushing on ribs, chicken, wings, steak, pork and vegetables. When Stubb moved to Austin in 1986, he was urged by friends and patrons to sell his signature sauce. So, using old whiskey bottles, Stubb began hand-bottling his sauce for sale, corking each makeshift container with a jalapeño. While our bottling methods have changed, this sauce embraces its roots by combining the signature tangy tomato and vinegar base with jalapeño, amber honey, garlic and black pepper.