In 1967, FoodFair opened its doors officially as "Tower FoodFair" in Barboursville, WV.  Charles G Forth began with a vision to provide superior service and offer only the best quality food for a competitive price.  Tim T Forth, Charles son was only 6 years old when the FoodFair company opened its doors and has grown up in the business since. Now the President of Forth Foods, Tim uses a "hands-on" approach in his daily management of the company to keep things rolling forward.


  Forth Foods Inc. / FoodFair has expanded its reach into the Tri-State area with 14 stores to serve the local community.  


 One of the biggest reasons FoodFair has been so competitive in the market today is its local warehouse distribution center.  Having a state of the art inventory control system, coupled with an efficient delivery method allows us to pass the savings onto you, our customer.  FoodFair prides itself in offering competitively priced groceries with outstanding customer service.


 In addition to the benefits of shopping at FoodFair is the support of our local businesses, churches, local governments, banks..etc. How does this work? The money STAYS in the Tri-State area.  Tax dollars are collected by the local government, which in turn is put back into the local economy that benefits the rest of the community.  Other competitors funds are shipped out of state, never to be seen again.  FoodFair is involved in multiple charity organizations & local churches.  What better way to give back to the community that supports us?!


 You don't need a "discount" or "customer tracking card" to shop at FoodFair to receive the BEST pricing!  Our food-network including our warehouse distribution center allows us to put the best price on the item.. period.  No card, no special anything.  Why Pay More?


 FoodFair has teamed up with Black Canyon in Kansas City, MO.  They offer the "best of the best" beef on the market today. The beef you receive on the shelf is hand-selected by our staff and cut to perfection.  Black Canyon is 100% ALL NATURAL with zero fillers. You simply can not get a finer quality or selection of beef anywhere. We invite you to try some today!

 We strive for superior customer service.  You, the customer is the reason why we've had an incredible 45+ years in business with continuous growth around the tri-state area.  We invite you to stop in one of our 14 locations around WV, OH, & KY and experience why FoodFair is a step above the rest.