Pedialyte Electrolyte Water Drink, Zero Sugar, Fruit Punch 33.8 Ea

Natural flavor. No artificial flavors or colors. One liter or Pedialyte electrolyte water provides: sodium, 30 mEq; potassium, 10 mEq; chloride, 20 mEq. Gluten free. Halal. Zero sugar. Low in calories. Supplies 3 key electrolytes for hydration with zinc for immune support. Na-sodium, Cl-chloride, K-potassium, Zn-zinc. Non-GMO. New! Hydration with key electrolytes. Zinc for immune support. From pedialyte, the No.1 recommended brand for hydration. Hydrate with key electrolytes: Per liter: Electrolyte level: Pedialyte electrolyte water, Electrolyte water, Sports drink, Water. Electrolyte sodium in pedialyte electrolyte water compared to common beverages. Questions or comments? Call 1-800-986-8441, visit us at