BUBBLE YUM Cotton Candy Chewy, Bubble Gum Pack, 1.4 oz (5 Pieces)

BUBBLE YUM cotton candy flavored bubble gum has a soft texture and fun flavor you will love to chew on and share with friends. This pack contains 5 individually wrapped pieces of gum that you can hand out at birthday parties, sporting events and any time that deserves a chewy and flavorful treat. Try blowing the biggest bubble to keep the kiddos entertained or keep packs stored in your work desk drawer for a sweet and chewy midday treat with a classic bubble gum flavor. This pack of BUBBLE YUM cotton candy flavored bubble gum can travel with you anywhere, whether you're on a road trip, driving to the grocery store or out with your best friends. Stack individual packs of gum in your candy drawer or gift them to your favorite people during the holidays. Create sweet Valentine's Day gift bags, Easter candy baskets, festive Christmas stockings and Halloween candy displays for a night full of chewy and delicious fun. Or, celebrate ordinary moments throughout the year with the sweet and chewy flavor of cotton candy. Just don't forget to save a few pieces of BUBBLE YUM cotton candy flavored bubble gum for yourself during all of that sharing!