SOUR PATCH KIDS & SWEDISH FISH Mini Halloween Candy Variety Pack, 50 Trick or Treat Bags

Make your house a trick-or-treating hot spot with this SOUR PATCH KIDS & SWEDISH FISH Mini Halloween Candy Variety Pack. Each SOUR PATCH KIDS treat bag contains sour candies in signature assorted fruit flavors that create a SOUR THEN SWEET treat to satisfy your taste buds. Add a little fun to your Halloween treats with the unique kid shapes that give these candies their name. Swimming in fruit flavor, SWEDISH FISH Mini candy is a classic Halloween candy with a fun fish shape. A fat free food, this mini fat free candy features a smaller size that is easy to pop in your mouth. SOUR PATCH KIDS & SWEDISH FISH Mini trick or treat candy bags make great Halloween treats to snack on during Halloween movies. A perfect addition to your Halloween party supplies, these Halloween candies are also a fun and tasty complement to your Halloween decor or candy wreath, and the perfect bulk candy pack for trunk or treat events. Each individual snack pack is the perfect size for Halloween candy bags, Halloween treat bags and Halloween party favors. Stay stocked with bulk Halloween candy so you're always ready for the next trick-or-treater at your door.