Tidy Cats Tidy Cats Litter Multi-Cat 14 lb

Bring the power of two trusted names in odor control to your home with Purina Tidy Cats With Glade Clear Springs clumping litter. This clumping multi cat litter neutralizes ammonia, urine and fecal odors, keeping each litter box smelling clean and pleasant for 10 days when used as directed. Backed by the power of Glade, the clay cat litter defends against strong scents, leaving a fresh fragrance behind. Our low-dust clay clumping cat litter solution forms strong, tight clumps, making litter box maintenance a simple task. Formulated for multiple cats, this scented clumping cat litter stands up to regular use by all your feline family members, and the moisture-locking technology keeps them dry, comfortable and willing to use their boxes each day. Make it simple to check kitty litter box cleaning off your list with this powerful odor control cat litter, and get back to spending more quality time with your beloved cat companions. For the great formula you love and the performance you expect, trust in Purina Tidy Cats With Glade Clear Springs clumping clay cat litter.