Brown's Value Blend Select Natural Wild Bird Food 18 lb

Natural year-round blend. Attracts a wide variety of wild birds to your feeders. Wild bird feeding is an enjoyable hobby for the whole family. The Brown's family has created Value Blend Select for the novice, as well as the experienced hobbyist. We blended natural select seeds and wholesome grains to attract a wide variety of colorful backyard birds year-round, during all seasons and in all regions. Plus, our unique Five Stage Cleaning Process removes unwanted foreign matter to provide the cleanest and most nutritionally healthy product available. Brown's is the better choice and will help make the bird feeding experience fun and rewarding for the whole family. When it's more than just a hobby! Brown's Story: Built in 1843 and registered as a National Historic Landmark. Brown's water-powered grist mill stands on Monocacy Creek in Pennsylvania. The old grist mill remains as solid as the day George Brown built it six generations ago. It functions as a constant reminder of the strength, tradition, and integrity on which our company was built. Over 173 years later, Brown's has become a national leader in animal nutrition products. The foundation of the past and the ideas of the present have blended into what we know as Brown's today. From our family to yours! Twitter. Facebook. Click, our pet mouse, says visit Brown's website at. Consumer Help Line: 1-800-334-8816. Brown's Proudly Supports: Wild Bird Feeding Industry. Made in USA.