Advil Migraine Headache Relief, Ibuprofen 200mg for Migraine Relief and Nausea Relief - 20 Liquid Filled Capsules

Advil Migraine helps you take control of your migraine before your migraine takes control of you. This non-prescription migraine medicine is clinically proven to provide migraine headache relief, nausea relief and relief of migraine-related symptoms, like sensitivity to light and sound. These Advil capsules for migraine relief contain ibuprofen 200mg, an anti inflammatory pain medicine that provides fast relief of migraines. The only FDA-approved migraine medicine in a liquid filled capsule, Advil Migraine enters your system fast, letting you return to normal activities. These ibuprofen capsules are also easily portable, so you can have migraine headache medicine ready whenever and wherever your migraine strikes. Trust Advil Migraine to provide fast relief of migraine pain.