Dimetapp Children's Multi-Symptom Red Grape Flavor Cold & Flu 4 oz

(in each 10 mL) Other Information: Each 10 ml contains: sodium 7 mg and potassium 6 mg. Store at 20-25 degrees C (68-77 degrees F). Read and keep carton. cAcetaminophen (Pain reliever/fever reducer). Diphenhydramine HCI (Antihistamine/Cough suppressant). Phenylephrine HCI (Nasal decongestant). Relieves: Stuffy nose. Runny nose. Sneezing. Plus Other Symptoms: Itchy, watery eyes. Cough. Fever, headaches. Body aches. Alcohol-free. We pledge to you that Dimetapp products contain only high quality ingredients and meet strict standards for quality and safety. You can trust Dimetapp products for your family. www.dimetapp.com. Questions or comments? Call weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm est at 1-80-762-4675. For most recent product information, visit www.dimetapp.com.