Herdez Medium Smoky Chipotle Taqueria Street Taco Sauce 9 Oz

Made with real smoky chipotle chile peppers. Gluten Free. Put real taqueria flavor on mexican classics and more. Create a bold taste experience with real somky chipotle peppers and fire roasted tomatoes. This expertly crafted chipotle sauce builds authentic mexican flavors into each bite. Add a bold taqueria experience to all your favorite foods. www.herdeztraditions.com. Get the authenticity of HERDEZ salsa with a taqueria twist. HERDEZ Taqueria Street Sauce Chipotle is a bold chipotle pepper sauce with fire-roasted tomatoes and smoky flavors. One of four HERDEZ Mexican street sauces, this is the condiment, marinade, simmer sauce, secret ingredient, and flavor enhancer that makes it easy to squeeze a spicy splash of smokey authenticity into any Mexican dish.