7UP Pomegranate Soda, 2 L bottle

Introducing NEW for the holidays, our LIMITED-EDITION 7UP Pomegranate soda! Taste a twist on the iconic lemon-lime flavor of 7UP and delight your senses with the juicy, tart taste of pomegranate. 7UP Pomegranate offers a unique, balanced taste that will leave you feeling refreshed throughout this winter season. Just like the original, 7UP Pomegranate delivers a bubbly experience and is both caffeine-free and low in sodium. 7UP Pomegranate is a delicious drink that can be enjoyed on its own, as the perfect pairing with a quiet meal at home, and as an exciting beverage to liven up any wintry occasion with friends and loved ones. As with any 7UP products, use 7UP Pomegranate to spruce up your favorite cocktails* or mocktails, desserts, and even marinades and sauces – try it as a secret ingredient with one of our classic 7UP recipes like the 7UP Pound Cake or head to 7UP.com for more inspiration. (*Over 21 only, please drink responsibly.) This limited-edition flavor will be available in both 6-pack mini-cans and 2L to meet your needs during all your holiday gatherings, big or small. Refresh yourself and delight your senses with the delicious taste of 7UP Pomegranate, only available during this holiday season.