Starbucks Medium Roast Ground 100% Arabica Decaf House Blend Coffee 12 oz

Brew Great Coffee with the Four Fundamentals: Proportion: 2 Tbsp (10 g) coffee per 6 fl oz (180 ml) water. Grind: Pre-ground coffee is perfect for coffee brewers and pour overs. Water: Fresh and filtered. Freshness: Seal bag tightly and store at room temperature. The Starbucks Roast: Each coffee requires a slightly different roast to reach its peak of aroma, acidity, body and flavor. We classify our coffees in three roast profiles- Starbucks Blonde Roast, Medium and Dark-so finding your favorite is easy. The Story of Decaf House Blend. It's deceptively simple. A blend of fine Latin American beans roasted to a glistening, dark chestnut color. Loaded with flavor, balancing tastes of toffee and cocoa, just a touch of sweetness from the roast. This coffee is our beginning, the very first blend we ever created for you back in 1971. And this one blend set the course for the way our master blenders and roasters work even today. A true reflection of us and a delicious cup of coffee, period. It all starts from here. Starbucks and the Starbucks logo are used under license by Nestle. Committed to 100% Ethical Coffee Sourcing in partnership with Conservation International. Starbucks Rewards: Join Today: Learn more about Starbucks sustainable and ethical sourcing practices