Gerber Baby Food Puree, My 1st Fruits Starter Kit, Supported Sitter 1st Foods 6 ea

Plus step-by-step guide and coupon! Ideal for introducing fruits into your little one's diet. Start with reading the step-by-step guide. Try each tasting tub. Record baby's reaction in the progress report. Use savings coupon to move on to Gerber 1st Foods Fruits & Vegetables. Each kit contains everything you need for baby's first taste of Gerber 1st Foods fruits! Step-by-step guide. 3 Varieties in 6 tubs! Savings coupon. Supported Sitter: Your baby may be ready to start with solid food if they: Sit with support; On tummy, push up arms with straight elbows. Lean towards spoon with an open mouth. No added starch. No added sweeteners.