Kinderlyte Electrolyte Solution, Fruit Punch 33.8 Fl Oz

Natural medical grade hydration. Hydrates 3X faster (Hydrates 3x faster than water alone). Non-toxic. Plant based. Instant absorption technology. Safe & Effective: Our founder made a 2 am trip to the store for his daughter only to find that the oral electrolyte solution (OES) he had purchased was full of artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors -ingredients he wouldn't feed himself, much less a young child. Kinderlyte is doctor-formulated without these artificial ingredients, making it effective, natural and worry free. Feel Better Faster: Unlike conventional beverages made with fruit juice, Kinderlyte's proprietary Instant Absorption Technology [IAT] delivers 3x faster rehydration (Hydrated 3x faster than water alone) by using the co-transport property of sodium + dextrose. This allows our electrolytes to be absorbed earlier in the digestive tract so you can feel better faster! Natural. No fructose. +20% more Electrolytes per container (20% More electrolytes and 10% higher DV% of electrolyte sodium than the leading electrolyte brand (1270 mg vs. 1030 mg). No sucralose. No yellow 6. No blue 1. No red 40. Please recycle. 1% For the Planet: Support world water relied for families with every purchase. Join us in choosing better health for the world!