Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Brownie Batter Core 1 pt

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate and vanilla ice creams with fudge brownies and a brownie batter core. This flavor takes its brownies seriously. So, nothing would do but to have two: fully baked brownies scattered liberally throughout chocolate and vanilla ice creams, and gooey, unbaked brownie batter at the core. Sure, we’re a little biased about spoons around here; if your ice cream is having such a melt-down that you’re slurping it through a straw, it’d darned well better be in a glass and called a milkshake. We’re definitely all about the spoon here. So, it didn’t take us long to realize that our favorite way to eat brownies was with our favorite utensil, straight out of the mixing bowl. But listen: we’ve got nothing against the folks who are all about the crispy edges on a pan of cooked brownies, or even those who eat their brownies with a fork and knife (even though we think it’s kind of weird). So, we decided to meet in the [Ooey gooey, brownie batter-filled] middle: batter-lovers can sink a spoon into the Core, while fully baked brownie lovers get their fix ‘round the edges. Happy bellies all around. Happy taste buds start with cage-free hens producing delicious eggs and Non-GMO sourced ingredients. Ben & Jerry's homemade ice cream sources sugar, vanilla, and cocoa from Fairtrade certified producers. And, like all Ben & Jerry’s pints, we package up the goods using sustainably sourced materials.