Bibigo Dumplings, Chicken & Vegetable, Wontons, Mini 24 oz

bibigo Chicken & Vegetable Mini Wontons are an effortless way to explore Korean style cuisine with convenient, easy to prepare mini wonton dumplings! Savory chicken seasoned with soy sauce, garlic and pepper then blended with vegetables including cabbage, leek, onion, and green onion all packed into a thin wrapper so you get more bold flavor in every bite. Share bibigo Mini Wonton dumplings as a uniquely different and flavorful appetizer with friends, or add them to your favorite soup or top your salad with them for a culinary twist. The convenience of our frozen dumplings makes it easy to make a savory, versatile, bold appetizer or part of a quick dinner whenever you crave Asian flavors. When you taste your first juicy BIBIGO Mini Wonton dumpling, you will experience Korean flavors that taste bold and are steeped in tradition. Fully cooked, easy to prepare and ready in 5 minutes when you pan fry. Whenever you need a unique appetizer or interesting dish to share with friends, bibigo Mini Wonton dumplings transport you to an authentic, Korean style snack experience you will want to explore! Go somewhere new, go big, go bold, Go bibigo.