Saverne® Raw Sriracha Kraut 16 oz. Pouch

Est. 1900. Tradition. Quality. Family-owned. Resealable. Vented Pack: Allows for natural fermentation action. Some package swelling may occur. Small batch. Naturally raw probiotic & lacto-fermented. Our cabbage is grown on family farms - and has been - for over 100 years. We still make sauerkraut the traditional way. When we barrel-cure fresh, raw cabbage, it naturally ferments, yielding a wealth of incredibly beneficial probiotics. Enjoy this healthy, natural and nutrient-rich superfood. Gluten free. All natural. Good source of vitamin C. Non GMO Project verified. Natural Fermentation Release Valve: Raw kraut naturally ferments in this package. The valve allows the natural by-products of lacto-fermentation to escape, while keeping contents sealed and fresh. Tasty Serving Ideas: Savor deliciously spicy Saverne Raw Sriracha Kraut right out of the pouch as a nutrient-rich side dish or topping. Add just the right kick to just about anything - pizza, wraps, salads, burgers and so much more. Check out for fantastic recipe ideas. Food that's good for you can taste good too! Why probiotics? Probiotics are awesome! They're necessary to maintain good digestive health. Consuming probiotics naturally restores the balance of flora in your belly, improving overall health and well-being. Nifty Facts About Probiotics: They're responsible for over 70% of immune response in the body; Antibiotics kill good bacteria. Probiotics help restore them; Naturally probiotic foods have been around for millennia. Farmed in the USA.