Coffee-Mate Almond Creamer, Plant Based, Vanilla 32 fl oz

Here is the Power of Bliss: To keep things simple and focus on what matters most. To start the morning right and make every day a little more special. Our vegan nut creamer is made with almonds for a rich, smooth texture that will perk you up & satisfy. Ideal for those who are vegan or for those who prefer to avoid lactose, Coffee mate liquid creamer is made with almond milk and has only 30 calories per serving. Our delicious creamer almond milk liquid is flavored with vanilla to enrich your coffee drinks in the morning or the afternoon. This plant-based nut milk creamer Coffee mate liquid, has no artificial flavors, colors, and is lactose-free, gluten-free, and cholesterol free. Coffee mate creamer liquid lasts up to 63 servings. Wake up your coffee with Nestle Coffee mate liquid coffee creamer and enjoy its classic vanilla sweetness in the morning, at noon, or at night. Store Coffee mate almond liquid creamer in the refrigerator after opening.