Campbell's® Chicken and Rice Soup with Oyster Crackers 7.350 oz

Add a flavorful crunch to a classic favorite with Campbell's® Chicken and Rice Soup with Oyster Crackers. Every spoonful of this comforting chicken soup is crafted with the delicious ingredients you grew up on. The comforting taste of rice, tender chicken meat without antibiotics, veggies and satisfying crunch of oyster crackers make this soup a delicious and nostalgic choice anytime, anywhere. This chicken and rice soup is made without high fructose corn syrup for a snack you can feel good about. Just pop off the cracker pack, peel back the tab and microwave uncovered for one minute, stirring every 30 seconds. Let this easy to microwave soup sit for one minute, sprinkle in some tasty oyster crackers and enjoy! Take this soup on the go for an easy, portable snack or part of a meal. The microwavable soup bowl makes it easy to take to the office, school or on the road. Embark on your next adventure with Campbell's® along for the ride. M'm M'm Good!®