Wild Bill's Pork Belly, Smoked, Cured & Seasoned, Bites

Natural smoke flavor added. 10 g protein per serving. 2 g total carbs per serving. A.K.A. burnt ends! Made with 100% real bacon! People have been eating bacon for over 2,000 years. Wild Bill put it in a bag! Pork belly bites (a.k.a. burnt ends). A humble hunk of fatty heaven! Perfect for bacon lovers to belly up to their favorite part of the pig! It's a savory-laden bit of porky goodness that is irresistible. The combination of smokiness, saltiness and fat is spelling-binding. It's seasoned to perfection to deliver even more real pork belly flavor. It's a good source of protein with 10 g in each serving and contains only 2 grams total carbohydrates per serving. Awesome! Bodacious. Pork belly rules. Hickory smoked. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. www.wildbillsfoods.com. Visit us on Facebook. Proudly made in USA. Made in USA.