Town House Oven Baked Crackers, Everything Flavor 9.5 oz

Inspired by pita bread, Town House Everything Pita Crackers are the perfect crispy, hearty snack between meals or anytime you crave a quick bite. This box of crunchy Pita Crackers is made with the crowd-favorite “everything bagel” flavor seasoning, a blend of poppy seeds, a hint of garlic, and savory onion. They hit the spot when you’re hungry or having midday cravings. A delicious stand-alone snack before or after meetings, classes, and errands; Dunk into hummus, cream cheese, salsa and more, or dream up creative recipes to dip into, like a deliciously savory cold smoked salmon spread. Town House Crackers are not only versatile, but they can also travel almost anywhere with you. Stock them in your pantry, stow them in your works space, and even tote them in your bag as you go about your day. When you want your fill of flavor but don't necessarily want to fill up, Kellogg's Town House Everything Pita Crackers are a great-tasting choice to keep within reach.