Theravent Snore Thrpy Str

Snore therapy strips. 2 starter. 2 regular. 2 max. Bed partner approved. Born from prescription EPAP technology. Clinically shown to reduce snoring. The first and only over-the-counter device to use proven expiratory positive airway pressure technology to help give you back a quiet night's sleep. How Theravent Works: Theravent vented snore strips create pressure in the upper nasal airway. Pressure opens the nasal airway. Treats snoring at its source. Learn more: Questions: Call 1-855-265-7667 (Snor) weekdays 9 AM to 5 PM EST. Starter: Less resistance to help you adjust to the technology. Regular: Moderate resistance. Max: Heaviest resistance to tackle the toughest snoring. Find the strength that's right for you.