Star Kist Soda, Strawberry Orange, 12 Pack 12 Ea

Soak up the sunny taste of Sunkist Strawberry Orange Soda. With even more Sunkist flavor and delicious fun, it’s the perfect summer treat that never disappoints! A favorite since its creation in 1979, Sunkist Soda is the one soda to reach for when you're craving a blast of refreshment with an assortment of bright, refreshing fruit flavors you won’t find anywhere else. Make your summer beam with the bold taste of Sunkist Strawberry Orange, delivering a twist that mixes the sweet taste of strawberry flavor and tart, citrus flavor for a unique combination that will brighten your day. No matter what you’re doing or where you’re going this summer, only Sunkist Soda can satisfy your thirst when you’re craving a blast of refreshment with bright, fruity flavors. Reach for the cool refreshing flavor of Sunkist Strawberry Orange soda to brighten your day and refresh your senses. Once the flavors of the Sunkist Strawberry Orange touch your lips, you’ll understand why we call it Sunkist!