Ritz Toasted Chips, Everything 8.1 Oz

RITZ Everything Toasted Chips snack crackers pack delicious ?avors of poppy seed in-dough inclusions, seasoned with onion, garlic, and sea salt into a crispy, crunchy cracker. These cracker chips are toasted, not fried, and they're great for dipping. They also have about 40% less fat per 31g serving than leading regular fried potato chips. Serve these toasted crackers as party snacks or enjoy them as a crunchy companion to sandwiches. Pack these cracker snacks in lunch boxes for a crunchy companion to sandwiches, keep them in your pantry for convenient snacks for kids and adults, toss a bag in the car for travel snacks, create cracker cheese boards or use them as snacks when you host a game night. Each 8.1-ounce bag of RITZ Toasted Chips is sealed to lock in freshness and great taste.