Ritz Crackers, The Original, 18 Packs 18 ea

RITZ Original Crackers have a rich, buttery flavor that's perfect for pairing, topping or enjoying on its own. These tasty round crackers are an ideal snack food, appetizer or quick meal. RITZ salted crackers are great to pair with a variety of toppings. Take your picnic to the next level with toppings on a crispy RITZ for a special treat. RITZ crackers are delicious salty snacks, so keep them on your snack shelf for an easy treat. This large box of RITZ Original snack packs contains 18 0.68 oz packs of 6 crackers in individually wrapped pack that are perfect for on-the-go snacks and lunch box snacks. The sturdy box makes it easy to stack this bulk food item with other bulk snacks in your pantry.