Portion Perfect Meal Kit, Collapsible Silicone 1 Ea

Expands to double the size. Stores at half the size. Veggies. Grains. Fruits. Protein. Pack healthy portions every time. School Lunch Portions: 1 cup of fruits; 2 cups of grains or vegetables; 1.5 cups of protein. Calorie Conscious Portions: 1.5 cups of protein; 1 cup of grains or fruits; 2 cups of vegetables. Strength Training Portions: 1.5 cups of vegetables; 1 cup of fruits or grains; 2 cups of protein. Carb Control Portions: 1 cup of vegetables; 1.5 cups of vegetables; 2 cups of protein. Customize your lunch with perfect portions. Silicone base. Microwave safe. Top rack. Dishwasher safe. BPA free. www.smartplanethome.com. Made in China.