Rolo Creamy Caramel, Wrapped In Rich Chocolate Candy 9.9 Oz

Everyone will be hopping straight to the candy dish this Easter when they see ROLO® chocolate caramel candy inside. These creamy caramels wrapped in rich chocolate pair nicely with a cold glass of milk or even a cup of hot cocoa after dying Easter eggs. Better yet, hide these individually wrapped caramel candies inside traditional plastic eggs. Nothing beats a sweet, chocolaty surprise after a day's work of egg hunting! ROLO® caramels are gluten-free, kosher treats wrapped in purple, green, gold, pink and blue foils for additional springtime happiness. Add the entire bag of Easter chocolates to each Easter basket, or use ROLO® chocolate caramel candies in the kitchen. Create pretzel delights or have the kids help you decorate the bunny cake and other desserts to share with the family. Place chocolate-covered caramels on top of cake icing or sprinkle some overtop your best ice cream sundaes. No matter how you celebrate Easter, there's always room for some creamy ROLO® caramel candies.