Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Franken Cup 9.35 Oz

Surprise trick-or-treaters with an electrifying twist on their favorite candy with REESE'S Franken-Cups milk chocolate peanut butter with green creme cups candy. When it comes to these REESE'S Franken-Cups, the mad scientists at REESE'S have swapped out the bottom of the chocolate cup with green-colored creme to make an all-new creation that's sweet and savory, bringing your taste buds to life. All wrapped up for Halloween parties, office candy bowls, spooky movie nights and school lunches, this Franken-Cup bag is a delicious way to celebrate the spirit of the Halloween season. The spooktacular take on this fun Frankenstein version will delight every candy-loving goblin and ghoul that comes to your candy bowl or Halloween party with its otherworldly combination of green-colored creme, creamy peanut butter and smooth milk chocolate. You can even add these delicious treats to your Halloween desserts or create edible holiday crafts. Try creating edible Frankenstein crafts by using these cups as the monster's head!