Snyder Of Berlin Pop Corn, White Cheddar 6 Oz

Naturally and artificially flavored. Per 1 oz. Serving: 160 calories; 2 g sat fat (13% DV); 410 mg sodium (17% DV); 2 g sugars. 80 calories per cup. Made with whole grains. No preservatives. Gluten free. 0 grams trans fat. No artificial flavors. No preservatives. Savor the light and fluffy fun of popcorn. And since we already popped it, there's no waiting - open the bag and get started. And we turn on the deliciousness with our own white cheddar cheese, perfectly seasoned. light and never overpowering. Just a simple reward you can enjoy any time, anywhere. How can you make a fan favorite even better? Crank up the flavor! We want to reward you for choosing Snyder of Berlin with cheddar cheese and a tangy blue cheese flavor – specially-blended for intense deliciousness! Our home of Berlin, Pennsylvanian, is a model of small-town America and indeed, Somerset county is known as 'America's County' since 1947, Snyder of Berlin has been an active member of the community and region, and we are proud to share part of it with you. Facebook: Find us on Facebook SnyderofBerlinSnacks.