Dove Dark Chocolate & Mint Swirl 7.61 Oz

Experience the pleasure of DOVE PROMISES Silky Smooth Mint Swirl and Dark Chocolate Candy Bars. Every bite of enjoyment is swirled with natural mint and silky smooth dark chocolate candy: a match made in heaven. This 7.6-ounce resealable bag of individually wrapped, mint dark chocolate DOVE PROMISES are a holiday candy must. Whether you use them for baking holiday favorites, self-treating, or premium gifting for friends and family! These assorted dark chocolate candy delights will be adored and appreciated all season long. Spread the love with friends and family by sharing a bag of DOVE PROMISES Mint Swirl Dark Chocolate party candy at holidays and celebrations. Each candy assortment comes individually wrapped in elegant foil with a special message inscribed on the inside. Whether eaten as a delightful treat or as a deliciously simple dessert recipe, these iconic dark chocolates will make you feel indulgent and pampered. We’re making chocolate candy better, one piece at a time. Looking for premium chocolate you can trust? We invest in sustainable cocoa farming and community programs. Learn more at