Whatchamacallit Candy, King Size 2.6 Oz

When your hunger calls for chewy caramel, rich chocolate and peanut flavor, grab a WHATCHAMACALLIT candy bar! It's not your everyday candy bar, so it's great for mixing things up on family movie nights and work lunch breaks. So many rich flavors in one treat make WHATCHAMACALLIT candy bars a satisfying snack and a filling dessert. Feel like sharing? Your friends, co-workers and family members are sure to appreciate this exciting candy combination packed full of fun flavors that just work together. They're likely to remember the name, and they'll certainly remember the flavor packed into these delectable candy bars whether you use them to make Easter baskets, stuff Christmas stockings, adorn Valentine's Day presents, perfect Halloween party favors or just treat your loved ones on an ordinary day. Looking for a creative culinary adventure? Try chopping some WHATCHAMACALLIT candy bars into bite-size sections to top new dessert recipes throughout the year. No matter which treats you choose to liven up with peanut-flavored crisps covered in chocolate and caramel candy, you'll find yourself with a new favorite recipe that everyone begs you to share.