Boyer Mallo Cup, Milk Chocolate, Giant Size, 4 Pack

Gluten free. Partially produced with genetic engineering. Whipped creme center. The Birth of the Mallo Cup - During the great depression, two brothers decided to help their family by selling candy door-to-door. The Boyer brothers rode their bicycles all over their hometown of Altoona, Pennsylvania selling a variety of candies made in their family's kitchen. One day, they experimented by covering marshmallow with chocolate and made quite a mess! When their mother saw the mess, she handed them cupcake cups and suggested they use them to contain their marshmallow and chocolate creation. More than 80 years later, Mallo Cups are still made with pride by boyer candies in Altoona, Pennsylvania. However, due to the mess, we are not allowed to make them in Momma Boyer's kitchen anymore. Made in USA.