Cheez It Cheese Crackers, Extra Big 11.7 oz

Outrageously cheesy and ridiculously craveable, Cheez-It Extra Big baked snack crackers are deliciously crunchy mega-sized crackers that have captured cheese-lovers for decades. Discover a crowd-favorite snack made with 100% real cheese baked to crispy perfection for an irresistible taste in every crunchy bite. Each lightly salted cracker is made extra big and loaded with a burst of cheesy flavor; Cheez-It baked snack crackers are a fan-favorite for game night, school snacks, family movie nights, party spreads, late-night snacking, and so much more, the cheesy options are endless. Delicious for all ages, grab a box of Cheez-It Extra Big crackers for every family snacking moment. Whether you're packing them in school lunches, grabbing some for the office, or taking along on a road trip, you'll find a delicious, crisp snack that is filled with big cheese flavor. It’s no wonder that these crackers have become a crowd-favorite, bringing smiles and that urge for just one more handful.