Woats Oatsnack, Cookies 'n' Dreams 10 oz

Imagine the perfect snack. Our irresistible oat and honey blend is loaded with big mouth-watering chunks of chocolate vanilla cream sandwich cookies. Dare to dream big! Humble oats with ambition. All natural ingredients. Whole grain oats. Gently baked. My love affair with the humble oat began at an early age. I enjoyed snacking on granola but the crunchy stuff was too tough on my braces. Craving a softer snack, I took over my mom's kitchen, mixed together some oats, honey and nuts and after several batches baked up the perfect recipe. It was such a huge hit with my friends that I borrowed $500 from my grandmother and started a company when I was sixteen. I was raised in humble circumstances by my mom and grandparents who always encouraged me to follow my dreams. Thanks to their unconditional love, a lot of hard work and a little luck, I'm fortunate today to be able to do my thing and share my story with kids across America. Cheers, Justin. Snack from the bag. Share with your hero. Dream of big things. Dare to dream. Do your thing. Harness your inner oat. Visit Woats.com to learn more about our mission. Thanks a ton to everyone who loves Woats Oatsnack. Special thanks to Bill, Kristin, Sanjiv, Mary Beth, Lyt and FB. Product of the USA.