The Daily Crave Veggie Chips, Breaking News 6 oz

Third edition. Like Us on: Facebook; Instagram; Twitter. Certified gluten-free. Gluten free. Vegan. Non GMO. No dairy. No artificial flavors. No hydrogenated fat. 0 g trans fats. Non GMO Project verified. Perfect for dipping. Potato and other vegetable snack. Picture of the product that been minified to show texture. Give in to your cravings. Local News: Hot Topic: Winning formula. Snacks part of fight night ritual. In an exclusive interview, Brazilian mixed marital arts champion Roberto Cinza discussed his-prefight of consuming The Daily Crave's veggie snacks. The night won the title, I had eaten my favorite veggies snacks before warm-ups, Cinza stated. It may no fit in with my macho image, but now I eat them before every fight. His superstition seems to be working, as he is now undefeated. Rumor has it that Cinza's arch rival, American mixed marital acts champion Dan pierce, has now begun consuming the same brand of snacks. Top story. News flash. Man survives days at sea. Improved flotation devices key to survival. After his sailboat sank in a storm, veteran sailor Joe Edu was without a life preserver. He was, however, able to secure several bags og the Daily Crave's veggie chips and sticks to his arms as flotation aids. When the coast guard rescued him, he claimed have fended off shark by sharing the snacks. Exclusive report. Read all about it. Interview with CEO. Founder discusses snacking philosophy. In an exclusive interview with the founder and CEO of the daily crave, Hass A. discussed his passion for better snacking. When asked what drives him, he emphasized the following core principles. Non-GMO project verified ingredients, certified gluten-free products, no artificial flavors or preservatives, no hydrogenated fats, kosher certified, and amazing taste and crunch. When questioned whether he had any words for the daily craves fans, Hass exclaimed, go ahead and give in to your cravings! This just in. breaking news. Thriving with a gluten free lifestyle. Snacking well never tasted so good! Say goodbye to greasy chips that are full of artificial additives. The daily crave veggie chips and veggie sticks contain no artificial preservatives or flavors and still give you all the great taste you desire. These taste alternative snack get in perfectly with a gluten-free lifestyle while delivering the crunch we all love. People looking satisfying snacks no longer have to sacrifice with simple ingredients you pronounce, snacking well tasted so good! Made in USA.