Almond Joy Chocolate Candy Bar, Coconut & Almond, Snack Size 10.2 Oz

The joy of Easter just got even sweeter with ALMOND JOY coconut and almond chocolate candy eggs. As the perfect size to stuff inside Easter baskets and plastic eggs, these chocolate candy coconut bars are a fun and delicious treat for everyone to enjoy. Top up your best holiday candy dishes with these individually wrapped egg-shaped treats or better yet, hide them in place of plastic Easter eggs for an even sweeter surprise. They also make a tasty snack after dying Easter eggs or for when you need a quick break from all the activities. ALMOND JOY egg candies are also an excellent addition to your baking ingredients. You can add whole chocolate candy eggs with almonds to your Easter Bunny cake or break them up to create sensational macaroon treats. Add them to your brownie recipes, cookie batters or anything else that needs a delicious kick of sweet coconut and crunchy almonds.