PopCorners The Crunchy And Wholesome Popped-Corn Snack Sweet Chili 7 Oz

If you like sweet and heat, you're in for a treat. Our secret to making this one better starts with the spices themselves. Garlic, onion and paprika come together for a signature taste that rivals your best game day chili recipe. We are Popcorners: We believe that what's fun for you, is good for you. So we make our snacks with flavors you love, in crunchy crisps that leave you ever fried and always up for it. Pop! It all starts at the source. We partner with farmers to ensure we're getting only the best Non-GMO project verified corn available. From there, every crop gets popped to perfection. The result is a crunchy and wholesome taste experience like no other. Specially made to fuel the fun in life. Because snacking a bit smarter should never hold you back from living your fullest life.