SOUR PATCH KIDS Candy (Original and Watermelon) and SWEDISH FISH Candy Halloween Candy Variety Pack, 100 Trick or Treat Snack Packs

Trick or Treat? How about both this Halloween? Enjoy the mischievous side of SOUR PATCH KIDS & fruit flavor of Swedish Fish Halloween candy, a Halloween variety pack that's a great catch any day. This Halloween candy pack contains 1 bag with 100 individually wrapped trick or treat–size packs. Sour. Sweet. Gone! SOUR PATCH KIDS Halloween candy start out sour, but always end up sweet. Soft, chewy, and oh so fun! Swimming in Fruit Flavor - SWEDISH FISH are soft, chewy, and so delicious. Put them in trick or treat buckets or party favors—SWEDISH FISH never scale back on fun.