Creamy SNICKERS Almond Butter Share Size Candy Bars, 2.14-Ounce Bar

Get ready for an entirely new kind of satisfaction: Creamy SNICKERS Almond Butter Candy Bars. Made with creamy almond butter and rich caramel that's enclosed in a milk chocolate shell, meet the softer side of SNICKERS Candy. Each share size pack come with four squares of SNICKERS Almond Butter Bars, making them easy to share with friends or coworkers. Great for stocking the office kitchen, packing into your lunch or taking on the go, Creamy SNICKERS Bars are always packed full of satisfying flavor. From game days to big meetings, these share size bars will keep you feeling ready for whatever life throws your way.. Stock up on Creamy SNICKERS Almond Butter Candy Bars to have on hand when hunger strikes. Remember, you're not you when you're hungry!