Hershey's Chocolate Candy 9.9 oz

There's something for everyone in this HERSHEY'S Miniatures assortment. Find all your favorite HERSHEY'S chocolate bars in one sweet bag, including HERSHEY'S milk chocolate bars, HERSHEY'S SPECIAL DARK mildly sweet chocolate bars, HERSHEY'S KRACKEL chocolate candy with crisped rice and HERSHEY'S MR. GOODBAR chocolate candy with peanuts. Enjoy delicious candy classics individually wrapped in thrilling Halloween costumes for fall festivity, lasting freshness and superb convenience all season long. Perfect for lunch boxes, movie nights, game nights, snack breaks, sharing moments and candy dishes at home and in the office, these milk and dark chocolate miniatures will keep your snacking fun and simple. Give a variety of chocolates to your favorite people on Halloween, including party guests, trick-or-treaters and costume contest winners. Want to take these treats a step further? Place a HERSHEY'S Miniatures chocolate bar on top of your best spooky baked goods to please the crowd with your culinary genius!