Herr's Mini Pretzels

Herr's® Mini Pretzels. No preservatives. One pounder. 0g trans fat. No preservatives added. The Herr's name and logo and "Make Herr's Yours" are registered trademarks of Herr Holdings Inc., and are used under license. Member. Snack Food Association. An International Trade Association. The Herr's® family heritage. For half a century, the Herr's® family has been dedicated to making the finest quality and best tasting snacks around. We consistently take great care to use only the finest ingredients in the products we make. These pretzels are a delicious reflection of that commitment. Made from only the finest wheat flour, these pretzels are great tasting and are low in fat. We hope you enjoy them. In fact, we guarantee it! So from all of us at Herr's®, thanks for buying our product. Jim Herr Founder. Product guarantee. All Herr's® products are fully guaranteed. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with this product, please write to us stating the reason for dissatisfaction and include your name and address, date stamp (upper right corner, front of bag), and UPC block (lower corner, back of bag). This package is sold by weight. When product is packaged, bag is full. Some settling will occur during shipment. Make Herr's Yours®. Send your letter to Herr Foods Inc., P.O. Box 300, Nottingham, PA 19362-0300, Attn Customer Service, or call toll free 1-800-523-5030 weekdays 9AM to 5PM EST. We will send a replacement coupon. 1-800-523-5030. Send Herr's® anywhere: www.herrs.com. ©2000 Herr Holdings Inc. All rights reserved.