Artisan Tropic Sea Salt Plantain Strips 4.5 oz

Fresh roasted. Lightly seasoned. Trade up your chip! Here's why you love our plantains! We only use single sourced premium Dominico Harton plantains - they're like the Rolls Royce of plantains. Naturally grain-free and nutrient-dense, they satisfy the crunchy goodness you love. Thinly sliced and seasoned with only the best ingredients, our Strips are the perfect way to upgrade your chips. A family story. A family business. The best things really do come from family. Artisan Tropic started when our daughter, Maca Guzman, was very sick, and we began focusing on drastic dietary changes. This paved her way back to health, and whole foods became a new passion for us. Now we're sharing our enthusiasm for nutritious eating - Including snacking! Join us on our wholesome adventure. Certified sustainable palm oil RSPO.