Bertolli Olive Oil, Extra Virgin, Rich Taste 500 Ml

Bertolli olive oil is deeply rooted in tradition with a heritage of over 150 years of experience in the craft of olive oil making. When it comes to authentic cooking, it’s the little things that make the difference. Each bottle of olive oil travels from the olive grove to your plate, bringing the taste of the Mediterranean to you by keeping the quality of its olive oil at the center. Adding Bertolli olive oil will bring out the Mediterranean flavors infused in every olive oil drop to elevate your meal to a new way of living. This unique olive oil is the outcome of unwavering commitment to producing only the best olive oil. Bertolli olive oil is the perfect ingredient to enjoy the healthy benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Bertolli offers different blends of olive oil carefully selected to suit any occasion, use it as a drizzling finish, for dipping, sautéing, frying, or even baking. So, when you're looking for an olive oil that you can trust, Bertolli olive oil is the choice for you. Experience the richness and natural goodness that only comes from Bertolli olive oil.