Sergeants DentaFresh Teething Bones, Puppy, Chicken Flavor

Contains 3 small chew bones. Easily digestible. Satisfies a puppys need to chew. Great tasting. Easy grip shape. Saves shoes & furniture. Caring for pets since 1868. Gives Weaned Puppies the Chewing Enjoyment They Crave: Helps provide comfort during teething; Puppies love the taste; Rubs and gently scrapes teeth clean. Puppy Teething Bones is a great way to satisfy your puppys need to chew. Sergeants DentaFresh Puppy Teething Bones are ductile, giving them a unique feel and chew texture that allows puppies to have a safe outlet for their teething needs. Sergeants DentaFresh Puppy Teething Bones are the perfect substitute for your furniture to satisfy your puppys chewing needs. When your puppy gets older, be sure to use Sergeants DentaFresh products for chewing and teeth cleaning benefits. Puppy Teething Bones are made from highly palatable wheat protein. Patent protected formula. Patent protected design. Visit us at Product of USA.