Purina Busy With Beggin' Made in USA Facilities Small/Medium Breed Dog Treats, Twist'd - 2 ct. Pouch

Calorie Content (calculated)(ME): 3184 kcal/kg, 334 kcal/piece Long-lasting chew twist'd marrow made with real bacon. No artificial flavors or FD&C colors. No rawhide. Easy digestible. Purina.com. Shop the entire lineup of Busy chew treats at PurinaTreats.com. Produced in USA facilities. Printed in USA. Watch the hilarious antics that happen when you give your dog Purina Busy With Beggin' Twist'd Small/Medium adult dog chew treats. The mix of savory Beggin' bacon flavor along with the long-lasting Busy chew gives your dog double the fun in one dog treat. Watch him flip each time you open the pouch and the sizzling scent of bacon reaches his nose. The tasty spiral of yum helps feed his natural instinct to chew, giving him some busy work when you can't give him your full attention. These easily digestible treats are made without artificial FDandC colors, so you can feel good about serving them to your small or medium-sized dog. Made without rawhide, this engaging chew treat is ideal for adult dogs over 24 pounds. Feed this tasty Purina Busy With Beggin' Twist'd Small/Medium adult dog chew treat in addition to his well-balanced daily diet and with your vet's recommendations according to his weight, and watch the fun unroll with every twist and turn.; Bring on the fun when you offer up the yummy goodness found in Purina Busy With Beggin' Twist'd Small/Medium adult dog treats. The twisted shape captivates your dog's attention, presenting a satisfying challenge dogs don't want to let go. The meaty goodness of this delicious long-lasting chew keeps him busy and happy, while the chewing action helps clean his teeth. This product is 100 percent rawhide free and made without FDandC colors, so you can feel confident your buddy is getting a high-quality treat. These long-lasting, easily digestible dog chew treats are easy to store in your pantry or cabinet for whenever he deserves a scrumptious snack. Serve these dog treats to your adult dog according to the feeding instructions on the package based on his weight, and make sure he chews each piece adequately before swallowing. For even more beg-worthy flavor, let your dog explore our complete line of Purina Busy dog treats, including Purina Busy Bone Small/Medium dog treats. Spending time with your dog is important to you, and you want to make the most of every moment you share together. Purina Busy dog treats are long-lasting chews with delicious flavors your dog wants, giving you a way to show him just how much he means to you. At Purina, we make quality a top priority in everything we do, and that's just one reason why we perform regular checks on our products throughout the manufacturing process. You get the peace of mind that comes from giving your faithful friend high-quality dog foods and treats that are made just for him, and he gets the tastes and textures he loves. Bring on the big, bold flavor, and satisfy your dog's cravings when you toss him one of these Purina Busy With Beggin' Twist'd Small/Medium adult dog treats at snack time.; Deliver big, meaty flavor at snack time with Purina Busy With Beggin' Twist'd Small/Medium adult dog chew treats. These long-lasting rawhide-free treats are easy to digest.