Vita Bone Dog Treats, Multi Flavors

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol edition. Small treats for dogs of all sizes. 6 Tasty Flavors: original, chicken, vegetable, cheese, beef & liver flavors. 23 vitamins and minerals., Glucosamine. New look, same great taste!, Biscuits., Cleans teeth & freshens breath., It's your kid's turn to save the day! Keep the adventure going after the episodes ends with the pups of Paw Patrol! Your dog can train to be just like a Paw pup by learning to do a puptacular trick - or just enjoy a delicious treat. Either way, your little one will roll to the rescue of your furry friend by choosing the healthiest, yummiest, perfectly siziest snack!, Your dog looks good, you feel good! Vita Bone biscuits help support: Clean Teet & Fresh Breath: Crunchy texture helps to remove plaque and tartar build-up; healthy joints; immune system support; a well-conditioned coat., Paw Patrol Training Tip: Everest comes to the rescue all the way from Jake's mountain, your pup can learn to come too! 1. Have someone hold your dog and walk a good distance away. 2. Get a Vita Bone Paw Patrol treat and call your dog with the word come. 3. When your dog comes, reward your pup with a Vita Bone Paw Patrol treat and say good dog! See more training tips at, Spin Master., Deliciously Balanced: You and your dog both depend on each other for companionship and unconditional love. A relationship like that deserves a treat that satisfies both of you; one that tastes great for your dog, but also delivers the nutrition you need to keep them feeling their best. Vita Bone biscuits are made with wholesome ingredients and fortified with 23 essential vitamins and minerals., Too much a good thing? Your dog will always want more Vita Bone biscuits but remember, moderation will keep maintain a balanced and healthy diet for your dog. They'll thank you later., Welcome to the family. We are a family-owned American company that has been making pet food and treats since 1972., American Pet Nutrition. We like to give treats and give back. We believe every dog deserves the best treats. We actively donate to local and national organizations dedicated to serving homeless animals. Visit to learn more! Made with 100% recycled paper. Made in the USA. 3400 kcal/kg (Calculate). 24 kcal/biscuit (ME)