Fat Cat Catnip Toy 1 Ea

Classics. 15 inch tail for great chasing fun! Catnip inside! Organic Zoom! Around the Room catnip. High test. Around the room organic catnip. Throw it! Toss it across the room - watch your cat become airborne in lickety-split time! Hold it! Grab the head & try dangling the tail in your cat's general direction (totally irresistible)! Lick it! Nippity-do-da-day! Our organic Zoom Around the Room high test organic catnip has been added to this toy for maximum kitty frenzy! Our Story: As you may know, our company started in 1991 inspired by a family tradition of making cat toys during the holidays for all the family cats. A zillion toys & laughs later, we continue to be dedicated to making the funniest, zoomiest cat and dog toys around. Absolutely tested on animals. www.fatcatinc.com. Hey check out our website for all of our widely imaginative stuff. www.fatcatinc.com. All new materials. Made and printed in China.