GE Extension Cord, Indoor, 16 Gauge, 15 ft 1 ea

GE Extension Cord 15' Indoor. 2 Wire | 16 Gauge. Patented Tamper Guard™ Rotary Safety Covers Help Protect Against Accidental Shock. Maximum Amps 13. Maximum Volts 125. Maximum Watts 1625. SPT-2, 2-Conductor 16AWG. This is a polarized cord set. It has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other) and a polarized outlet (one slot is longer than the other).The polarized plug is not intended to be mated with non-polarized outlets (having both slots are the same size). A polarized outlet is intended to mate with a polarized plug in only one way (the longer slot with wider blade). This Jasco products comes with a 90 day limited warranty. GE is a trademark of General Electric Company and is used under license by Jasco Products Company LLC. Visit for details. © Jasco 2007.