Enoz Moth Balls Packets, Lavender Scented

Since 1918. Moth-Tek paper covered. Kills clothes moths, carpet beetles and their eggs and larvae when used in air-tight containers. No clinging odor. Storage, garment bags, air-tight closets. This product can treat up to 18.75 cu. ft. Don't forget moths eat all natural fibers, so use Enoz Moth-Tek for storing cottons and silks as well as woolens. Enoz Moth-Tek Moth Ball Packets were specially developed to provide the unsurpassed protection of mothballs without the harsh smell and messy residue. Enoz Moth-Tek combines one of the most effective mothproofing ingredients available with a fresh lavender scent to create a hard-working mothball that actually smells good! These fresh-smelling mothballs are enclosed in breathable paper packets, which allow the active ingredient to work while protecting you and your clothes from messy flakes and residue. Made in USA with imported materials.