Dryel UltraCleaning Cloths, Refills, Clean Breeze Scent

10.5 x 15 inches. Dryer-activated cloths. At-home dry cleaning. Clean up to 24 garments! Best value! Dry cleaning results at home guaranteed! For use in your dryer with fabric protection bag. No shrinking, stretching or fading! Dryel is a safe, convenient way to care for dry clean clothes, delicates and hand-washables such as wools, silks, rayons, linens, cottons and other special care fabrics. Safely Cares for: sweaters; dresses; jackets; small blankets; blouses; slacks; scarves; pillows; suits; skirts; vests; jeans. HE: high efficiency. Environmentally friendly contains no phosphate, perchloroethylene (PERC), or trichloroethylene. Dryel is not formulated for use on leather, velvet suede or fur. Made in the USA.